Butch Witkowski Will Convince You That Cryptids Are Real


Okay, now THIS just creeped me out. I’m listening to a 2016 Butch Witkowski interview about strange creatures that people encounter in the Pennsylvania woods. And he described the complete and utter silence in the woods when strange creatures were …

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Pick Any Movie You Want

Dark and creepy. That’s what the campground is like at night, pottying the dog after dark. Everybody goes indoors at night, not a soul anywhere. Just enough lights are on not to need a flashlight, but it’s so quiet, and …

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Roswell, New Mexico, Home of the 1947 Alien Crash Landing

Little grey aliens crash-landed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, but it was in Carlsbad Caverns just an hour away where we saw a landscape so alien that it was like visiting another planet. We spent a couple of days …

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Wytheville UFO Road Trip


I had just published a book called Alien Nightmares which mentioned the wave of UFO sightings in Wytheville, Virginia, in 1987-1988. About a week after the book went live, we left for a road trip from Georgia to New York. …

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Gulf Breeze UFO Map Mystery

It wasn’t our intention to zero in on all the UFO hot spots I’d written about in Alien Nightmares, but our vacations seemed to be gravitating toward those haunted places. Cayuga Lake, NY was where it all began for me …

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Cayuga Lake UFO Road Trip

One place that we wanted to visit again was Cayuga Lake in Upstate New York. We’d been there one time in June 2014, and a week just hadn’t been long enough. I could have stayed there for a whole summer …

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