Closed Captioning

Closed Captioning for Blackjack Gold shareware game

You can add over 300 sounds and real voice recordings from an actual blackjack dealer to Blackjack Gold, the full-featured blackjack game for Macintosh and Windows, which has a few sounds and voices that come with the game. Blackjack dealer Sassy Sal has generously recorded a variety of sound bites for Blackjack Gold to entertain you as you play.

If you need to play with the sound off (the boss is listening, you cannot hear the sounds, or you don’t have speakers), Blackjack Gold comes with Closed Captioning. You can turn Closed Captioning on and the dealer’s comments will appear in a small text box.

All sounds in the Blackjack Gold game have a corresponding text message. If the sound is a voice, it will tell you who’s talking. Sound effects will be in parentheses.

Turn Closed Captioning on and off in the Edit menu. Closed Captioning will only caption the sounds that are pre-installed. To enjoy the 300+ sounds that are available for the game, you must still download, install and register the 300+ sound file plugin which you can download from the Blackjack Gold game page.