Before the Big Green Egg Mini-Max

I missed our Big Green Egg. Steaks, burgers, BBQ, chicken, corn — everything tasted better when spouse cooked it on the Big Green Egg. Restaurants couldn’t hold a candle to spouse’s cooking. Every burger got compared to his, every slab of steak, every BBQ restaurant, and all were found wanting.

I hated to go out to dinner unless to a restaurant outside his cooking skills because they were never as good as our dinners at home. But the Big Green Egg was just too big for the RV. Space is precious and we had one of the biggest Eggs.

A small Green Egg was on the horizon and I did so look forward to that day! Four-and-a-half months without the Big Green Egg was pure dinner torture. We tried to go out to dinner one night to a nice restaurant but they were all mobbed with people and waiting times far and beyond what our bellies wanted to wait. Plus that whole crowded restaurant COVID factor. So alas, we went back to the RV for TV dinners being too late to cook a proper meal.

That was the last straw. The very next day we drove an hour and a half round-trip to buy a Big Green Egg Mini-Max, and since then we’re eating proper food again! Yay!

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