Birds Aren’t Logical

Pinhole leak in the sewer hose. Otherwise known as Birds Aren’t Logical. I noticed that the cement under the sewer hose was wet in one spot, but we’ve had rain nearly every day and cement throughout the RV park had wet spots in the roadway, under campers, here and there in pavement low spots. So I prayed to the RV gods that our wet spot was just a rain puddle.

But when I pulled the lever to empty the grey tanks with my eyes glued to the sewer hose, there it was, a tiny little fountain spouting up gleefully. This little spout had just been born and if the sewer hose had been in the grass, we never would have noticed it, so tiny it was.

And then the question became — WHY? Our rig was only four and a half months old, maybe another month if you count the manufacturing date, so thinker-brain went through possible culprits.

I’d shifted it off the grass so as not to kill the grass, and not having a slinky that meant grey water was still in it. Did I rip it? No, that would have been a gargantuan tear. Note to self: Get a slinky!

Did the RV park go through with a weedeater and nick it? I looked at the grass which had not been cut. Nope. Not the RV park.

People in the RV forums mentioned ants poking holes which I might have believed if we were parked in an Amazon rainforest, but here? I didn’t buy it.

That left birds. Which I’d also read about pecking holes, but that was out west where everything was bone dry and they were desperate for water. But here? Plenty of water with the rainy season plus a turtle pond kitty corner from us. No way the birds were desperate for water.

But still, grackle birds were everywhere — in the air, in the trees, on the picnic tables, perched on roofs, strutting through the grass, and skulking underneath RVs.

I adore grackle birds. They’re showy, the males strut like a rooster and fluff out to twice their size, the iridescent blue-black feathers shine, but most of all, their bird-sounds are legendary. I’ve never heard a bird sing so many different songs, one of which sounds like a Star Trek red alert siren. I love grackle birds!

But why would they peck a hole in the RV sewer hose? Didn’t they like the pond water? Were they pecking at the ants and missed? Or maybe it’s just as simple as — Birds Aren’t Logical.

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