Butch Witkowski Will Convince You That Cryptids Are Real

Okay, now THIS just creeped me out. I’m listening to a 2016 Butch Witkowski interview about strange creatures that people encounter in the Pennsylvania woods. And he described the complete and utter silence in the woods when strange creatures were around, and the lack of wildlife anywhere. Not a peep out of the wolves and coyotes. Not a raccoon skittering around. Nothing.

And it struck me, because last year we stayed at a campground briefly that was surrounded by a heavily wooded forest and there wasn’t a single bird or squirrel to be seen anywhere. Not a chirp. No geese in the pond. No evidence that any had ever stopped there. Nothing.

And I worried that something was wrong with the water for all of the wildlife to be nonexistent. But what if it wasn’t the water? What if those woods were home to a strange creature such as Butch described? Chills shot up my arms and down my spine. That never occurred to me.

Butch Witkowski recently passed away. He was an investigator of the paranormal and UFOs. Butch established the UFO Research Center of Pennsylvania. He was a MUFON chief investigator, a former law enforcement officer, and the editor of JAAR (Journal of Alien Abduction Research) — so if high strangeness existed, he knew about it. This is the link to Butch Witkowski’s 2016 interview on Spaced Out Radio as hosted by Dave Scott.

The Butch Witkowski interview is super long but I listened all the way through last night. And I’ll tell you, this man convinced me that wolf-like cryptids are real. I hadn’t embraced that before. Talk about the scary forests! Descriptions of these creatures are chilling, run-for-your-life chilling. And this man, Butch, devoted years to researching reports of these entities. He’s credible. You listen to this man and he’s totally credible. I believe. His testimony convinced me to believe.

In the meantime, here’s the satellite map showing where we were camping in a region in which you’d fully expect to encounter the sights and sounds of wildlife. I blogged about the Dead Zone Campground in December 2020 and now I’m posting a satellite image of the region:

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