Creepy Cornfield

Creepy cornfield. We haven’t been going out after dark lately, haven’t needed to. But our schedules were wonky today so Sienna’s last potty of the night was after dark. We’re surrounded on two sides by a cornfield with corn over my head. And Sienna’s potty spot is in that corner, a long way from the RV. We’re on private land where farms are few and far between and it’s mostly fields.

Logically, I know that nothing is coming through that cornfield without making a lot of noise. But the creep factor of the night, total stillness, in the dark, and silence except for a lone frog in the distance. And I’ll tell you… cornfields at night are DARK. Like this giant shadow rising up from the ground over your head. And you’re right up next to it pottying a dog who is taking her dear sweet time…

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