Finding Your Way Around a Big RV Park

Color coding. Navigating the maze of this campground, otherwise known as How Not to Get Lost.

I named the blue building Blue Heeler, because our last two dogs were a Blue Houla and a Red Heeler mix, and the blue building is next to the dog park.

I named the lavender building Lilac, because it’s the color of lilacs and lilacs mean Home to me, and the lavender building is near our RV site.

The yellow building is problematic. I named it Mellow Yellow, having no better idea. It’s the office here, but Mellow Yellow does not denote office. Still, I think I will remember it and be able to navigate when walking by the color-coded buildings.

Go to Blue Heeler for the dog park. Go to Lilac to go home to the RV. Go to Mellow Yellow for the office.

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