How Do Movies Cast the Creepy Guy?

Creepy guy. We were watching a Stephen King movie with a creepy guy in it, and they picked the perfect kid to play the creepy guy. And I got to wondering…

How do you cast for a creepy guy? Do you advertise “creepy guy wanted for Stephen King movie?” Is it even politically correct to call him a creepy guy? And then what?

Wouldn’t a guy have to know he’s a creepy guy to answer the call? Wouldn’t he have to self-identify as a creepy guy? In which case he really would be a creepy guy? Would anybody want to work with him? The true-life creepy guy?

As for me, I am not a creepy guy. My best friend’s father called me “that strange little girl who lives down the street.” I totally own that. I tend to have odd thoughts, cerebral. Right now we’re parked next to a corn field in the RV and we’ve been here for several weeks. When we pulled in the field was bare dirt. Now the corn is over my head. And it got me to thinking a thought I’ve had many times before…

Our planet Earth must be getting bigger.

Think about it. A tiny acorn grows into a tree that makes more acorns. Those acorns make more trees, BIG trees. Every tree makes leaves that fall to the ground and become dirt. When the tree dies, all of its wood goes back to the earth as well, making more dirt. Everything is that way.

A kernel of corn makes a cornstalk, and then more kernels of corn. And on it goes. Humans create more humans, cats and dogs create more cats and dogs, and when our time on Earth is done, we go back to the dirt, too.

All of this is NEW dirt. Added to the old dirt. Which means that planet Earth must be growing, it must be getting bigger. And that’s your daily thought from The Strange Little Girl Who Lives Down the Street.

I have totally embraced my inner weirdness. Maybe it has something to do with extraterrestrial contact. Yes, there.

My childhood was full of bizarre dreams of little grey aliens (though mine weren’t grey), UFOs, and tasks so bizarre that they defy logic — unless that logic includes alien encounters.

Skeptics will remain skeptical, and believers will believe.

I’ve shared some of my extraterrestrial experiences in the book Alien Nightmares: Screen Memories of UFO Alien Abductions. It’s full of high strangeness, bizarre tasks and puzzles, mushroom-skinned beings, clusters of abductions which coincide with known UFO flaps, and fright nights of sheer and utter terror. Don’t read it on a dark and creepy night.

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