Lilacs mean Home, Even in a Campground

Growing up in Rochester, New York, lilacs were The Flower. We celebrated Lilac Sunday at Lilac Park, and so lilacs for me mean Home. Except that Rochester isn’t home anymore and hasn’t been in over 40 years.

So when Bear and I bought a house in Georgia in 2004 and I discovered that our new home had a lilac bush out front, I was over the moon with joy. My new Home had lilacs, and lilacs mean Home. But then we sold our home in 2020 and moved into an RV to see the country while we can.

And now we have a yearly stopover where we visit Bear’s family in the Midwest and I just found out that they have a HUGE lilac bush and it’s in full bloom this week, making this place a stopover Home.

And our last major campground, it was huge and I got lost walking around until I color-coded the buildings. Yellow=Sunshine, the hub of the universe, the office of the RV park. Blue=blue heeler, next to the dog park. Lavender=Lilac, and lilacs=Home, and the lavender building was close to the RV which is our permanent Home. So lilacs mean Home everywhere I go!

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