The Magical Christmas Walk

I’d been noticing that some of the RVs were decorating for Christmas, putting out lights and such. Not right by me but a couple of rows over. Tonight I walked Sienna that way instead of the other way and oh my god! It was BEAUTIFUL! Magical. I felt like Dorothy in Oz, walking in wonder. One RV had fairy lights. Several had lights of various sorts. And at the end, where the road ended, was the clubhouse with the lake shimmering behind it, dancing with moonlight. Every window had a single row of lights around it. The walkway had lights on either side. The door had a rectangle of lights. Just these borders, each in a different color, and it was like walking toward a house of wonder where, if you went through the door, you just knew something magical would await on the other side. The house beckoned. Come hither, come hither, come see my secrets. I felt like a kid walking the walk and smiled the whole way, gazing in wonder and awe.

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