Tarantula Crossing at the Campground

Tarantula crossing. At the campground. INSIDE the campground. About 50 feet from where we’re parked. Me and my spiderphobe husband. You see where this is going, right? So for the first three weeks, we’re eagle-eyed watching the ground and not a tarantula in sight. There was a rather large hole in our campsite but ants were swarming in and out of it. I figured Dead Tarantula down in the hole. Spiderphobe husband figured Giants Anthill of the Southwest.

We’d settled into our comfort zone, no sign of tarantulas, or rattlesnakes, or any denizens of worry. Until Spiderphobe Spouse went on The Walk. The you-know-it-had-to-happen Tarantula Walk. Yup. He saw one crossing the road in front of him. Panicked, he told the campground. As if they didn’t already know, lol! After all, they did post a sign! No worries, they said, it’s not going to chase you, but if you get bit, no worries, you’re not gonna die. Gotta love camping!

Tarantula Crossing sign

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