The Christmas Star from the Ursids Meteor Shower

Shooting star: Tonight at Sienna’s potty spot, away from bright lights where you can see the stars… God’s honest truth, I saw a shooting star! On Christmas night! A magical moment to make a Christmas wish.

I was looking up at the sky and one star stood out, and it blinked, and the next thing I knew, a shooting star whizzed by as if it emanated from the blinking star.

Theory: When the shooting star passed in front of the star I was looking at, it blocked the light for a millisecond and so the star “blinked” at me.

There is a 2021 meteor shower in December called the Geminids, but it peaked mid-month around 12/13-12/14. Perhaps this star didn’t get the memo… Update: There’s a meteor shower called the Ursids from 12/17-12/26. So that’s the one I saw! And another follows right behind it called the Quadrantids, so from now through January 3rd, get your wishes ready!

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