The U.S.S. Cavalla WWII Submarine in Galveston, Texas

I stand in awe of the brave men who work on a submarine. We toured the U.S.S. Cavalla WWII submarine at the Galveston Naval Museum on Pelican Island in Texas and there must have been hundreds of controls, if not thousands. Knobs and dials and switches and buttons and gauges packed together from one end of the submarine to the other, and hardly any of them were labeled. One would have to be a genius to remember them all, to know what they did, especially under fire.

And to work in such close quarters, all crammed together in this small space, hundreds of feet underwater wondering what was happening on the surface. No way out of the submarine except to rise to the surface and expose yourself to enemy fire.

Amazing. Truly amazing. No words can adequately describe that submarine… you absolutely MUST see it for yourself. And then salute the next military man or woman you see. And give thanks because they give their lives so that today we stand free.

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